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Data Analytics for the Music Industry:

Make decisions based on data.

Consolidate your data from all distribution platforms


Analyze your data and find insights


Increase fan base and revenue



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Gather metrics and fan sentiments for valuable insights.

Do you know what your fans think about your latest song? How is your song performing in comparison to similar artists? It's often difficult to answer such questions without aggregating data across multiple platforms. At Aridat, we help you get a complete picture of your performance.


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Plan tours based on where your fans are located.

Engage the maximum number of fans and target the right audience. Decisions such as location, venue size, dates are important and should be made using a scientific decision making process. Utilizing fan data and metrics would therefore mean, tickets being sold faster and an increase in revenue for the artist team.


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Discover and sign more artists than before.

Gather data through multiple sources

Choose from a number of blogs, playlists and platforms you want to collect songs and artist information from.

Machine learning algorithm 

We use machine learning to identify songs and artists that match the characteristics of popular ones.

Predict potential hits early on

Predict the future growth percentage and potential of a particular artist or song. 


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